Towards gender equality in rural Jharkhand through community interventions.

India is a diverse country. Discrimination or gender biases have persisted in our country in a complex manner. Only 65.46 % of women are literate compared to males which are 82.14%. India is rife with gender inequalities with the underlying premise of patriarchy, more pronounced in the rural community. Discrimination against girls and women is rampant. Only 19.9% of women are employed and 13.5 % of girls are not sent to school.

Child marriage is yet another glaring issue due to which girls are forced to drop out from school at…

When we talk about nutrition and health, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is a healthy diet, good food, exercise & clean water to drink. But, is it only about the food we consume or there is something more!!

Let’s take a look about the status of children below the age of five in our country.

India is a nation with a huge population and with it, come huge responsibilities. When we talk about under nutrition, children below the age of five are the ones most venerable. Since 2005, the prevalence of stunted children in our…

In his address to the nation on the occasion of 74th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi touched on the topic of menstruation, which is still considered a taboo subject in the country.

During his address from the ramparts of the Red Fort, PM Modi spoke at length about women empowerment and women health. He underlined that his government has managed to provide affordable sanitary napkins to poor women through Jan Aushadhi centres for just one rupee each and claimed the distribution of 5 crore sanitary to these poor women from 6000 Janaushadhi Kendras.

When it comes to personal health…



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